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Wine Pairing Class

Based on client recommendations we are offering a new experience with food and wine. With the expert guidance of Flavia Fernandez-Fabio, Wine Consultant with La Vie en Vin, discover the “mystery” of wine pairing and learn the best tips to match flavours. Five wines will be served with a selection of dried and fresh fruits, different spices, cheeses and tapas. You will experience how foods and wine can “dance” on the palate. Space is limited so register early.

Cake Decorating


Just in time for the holidays! Are you yearning to decorate those special cakes like a professional? How better to learn the tricks and techniques than from a professional pastry chef? With practise and fool-proof recipes you'll soon be the talk of the neighborhood. * * * Space is limited, so register early. * * *

Fresh Pasta from Scratch

Learn how easy it is to make wholesome fresh pasta to serve to your family and friends. We'll make noodles and stuffed varieties using fresh ingredients without preservatives. . . you'll have some to sample during class and a batch to take home to share with your family. We'll make a couple of sauces as well. Time to dust off that pasta maker. . . .

All about Cake Pops

Join us for 2 hours of cake pop making fun! Under the expert guidance of Shelley Nikkel, owner of Hot Cakes, you will decorate six cake pops, which will be yours to take home. We will provide the cake, frosting, melting chocolate, decorations, aprons and packaging. The class begins with a demonstration on how to crumble the cake, how much to mix with icing and roll the pops, followed by dipping and a number of different decorating methods.  * * * * This is a great parent and child class. . . Book early, space is limited * * * *.

Traditional Wisdom, Modern Kitchen

A 6-month course where you will learn the key principles of traditional foods and how to implement them in a way that is both sustainable and enjoyable. This will be a hands-on learning experience that is jam packed with opportunities for both discussion and taste-tesing. Learn the "why" and "how" of lacto-fermentation; nourishing bone broths; proper preparation of beans, nuts and seeds; nose to tail eating; sourdough and tradional fats. For a more detailed description click here. Book early and save. Only 12 spots available.

DIY Soda

Would you like to swap your juice or soda for a truly nourishing drink? One that actually *boosts* your family's health? Join Adrienne Percy of Traditional Wisdom, Modern Kitchen to learn how to create  probiotic sodas that are actually renowned for their health benefits! You'll take home everything you need to get started in this fun and fizzy class!

The Secrets of Mother Sauces

Learn to use different types of kitchen knives and keep them sharp. Bring your own paring, chef and boning knives to practice cleaning, sharpening and de-boning chicken or fish. Practice different cuts with a variety of vegetables and a practical focus on butchery for stocks and soups. Each person will go home with a clean chicken and vegetables for own meal creations. This class is suitable for mature youth to attend. *** Bring your own knives *** 

Gourmet Appetizers – Winter Focus

Add to your appetizer repetoire this Winter . . . learn to make simple and elegant appetizers and canapes using quality, in-season ingredients. Family and friends will think you slaved for hours making these flavourful morsels.   Just in time to surprise your sweet heart with your new-found culinary skills.  

Scrumptious Sourdough! Crackers, Cookies, Bread and More . .

ucculent, Scrumptious Sourdough!  Crackers, Cookies, Bread and More . . 
Sourdough is the oldest and most original form of leavened bread.  Nothing compares to the aroma of warm, freshly baked sourdough bread!  Sourdough does not use modern yeasts, but begins with a culture or starter of natural yeast and lactobacalli, a process of fermentation which breakdown the gluten and predigests the starches, making it more digestible and absolutely delicious.  This is a fun, hands-on class where you will learn all about maintaining a wild-yeast, naturally fermented starter. With the assistance of Wendy from Wisdom  Kitchen, we will make crackers, chocolate chip cookies and start a loaf of bread.  There will be lots of sampling!  You will go home with your own starter as well as handouts to ensure success in your kitchen.

Cheese Making 101


Using locally sourced Goat’s milk, we will learn the surprisingly simple art of making cheese from scratch. With a few techniques and special supplies your family will enjoy fresh ricotta, feta and chevre. Skills learned are transferable to cow's milk applications. Be the envy of your next family gathering.

Soups and Stocks

Learn the basics behind creating flavourful stocks and soups that will warm you from the inside out. We'll make nourishing bone broths and three flavourful soups and we'll enjoy a light supper together.

Traditional German Dinner Event - Sold Out

This promises to be a special night out with a Chef.  Working hands-on with a professional chef, you will have the opportunity to prepare a tradtional German meal with all the trimmings.  The menu includes:  Classic Schnitzel with accommodating sauces, Beef Rouladen, Potato Dumplings, Hand-made Spaetzle, Apple Strudel and Bavarian cream dessert.  * * *Limited seating available* * * 

French Pastry and Chocolate - Valentine Day Treats

Surprise your Valentine or treat yourself. . . If you ever wanted to create beautiful French pastries at home, this is the class for you.  We will learn the art of pastry making and freshen-up your piping skills to create French macaroons, napoleons, French butter cream, eclairs, tarts and Genoise slices.  We will also explore pastry presentation.   * * * Limited registration.  Book early to avoid disappointment* * * 


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